So after a wild week of general jibber jabber and utter tosswank I finally have some free time as I've decided on taking taking some holiday time.  Granted it won't be as good as the time I had to take a half day holiday and spring across the Berkshire countryside but I think a good week will do!  Although it's costing me in lost overtime but hey-ho I get MOAR PANTZ TYMEZ.

So far it's been a good start, I've done pretty much feck all today, lounging around in my pants (whilst washing the rest of them).  I wandered out for a couple of bits from Tesco Metro but that was the last of my human interaction for the day.

I did actually find something useful out of sitting on my bum all day, there is a special offer from milk&more for new customers of a free £10 discount, so totally used that opportunity to buy free bacon and other bits (including milk I should add).  I'm getting it delivered on Monday so we'll see how it goes.

A slight recap from Monday however, Steve made his way down to Brizzal and we stopped off in a decent place called HK Diner very cheap and BUBBLE TEA GALLORE.  It was quite good fun even though the day was quite the wash out and of course the hoards of screaming uninterested feral children towed in to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery (which coincidently looks a bit like a jumble sale with all the non-matching pieces, but it gives it that charm only Bristol could have) by parents looking to ditch the little shits for a few hours.  

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