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Get cnectd onto your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Symbian device.

Cnectd(“,) is a FREE messaging app allowing u 2 send messages 2 anyone, anywhere, anytime. All u need to do is download cnectd!! This replaces the need to send expensive text messages.

My Cnectd ID is kevincostelloe. Don’t forget to add me.

Let’s get cnectd soon!

Go to from your phone’s mobile browser to download cnectd!

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@RyanRussllXXX – Good morning! And look at these delicious cum-dumpster muffins Tim Hortons has on now. Yum! Looks like a gapey hole.

I had to share this, because I have to admit it’s bloody funny.

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I didn’t think somebody who programmed computers could be so silly.

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A while back I solicited for a deskshot competition with some kind of unfair and biased outcome.  Only three of you decided to hand over the goods, the rest of you will die a horrible death brought on by a plague of choclate chocolate cakes and snickers bars.

Yes, you heard me.  SNICKERS.

Anyways, regardless of the endless calorific horror the rest of you have to suffer, please comment with your favourite screen thing or add your own and I’ll update the post, because seeing as I originally started this concept in say, June, and left it well and truely unfollowed up.  I guess it would be hypocritical to not accept late entries.

So we commence the showcase:-

^ cecilgene ^

^ kuzanagi_ ^

^ rwbadger ^

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Having run across Mamy Rock off an interview with RadioFG on YouTube I have to say this is brilliant and I’m loving the tunes.

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