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So what an interesting few weeks this has been. I would have posted this all much earlier but you know fat fingers and iPhones don't generally mix, so I'm stuck doing this kind of stuff in my free time in front of the computermabox.

So how did last week end off? Well completely shitingly shite.  Thursday was pretty harsh as one could expect from this entry, I received a reply the following week from the rail company which was pretty shocking to say the least. I won't post the full email (oh wait, I will) but here is the part that I kicked off about, big style:-

I was also very sorry to hear that you missed our 21:25 from Westbury to Bristol Temple meads and as a consequence of this you then had to wait forthe 21:55 departure. I understand how frustrating this must have been for you.

However as you arrived at Westbury at 21:23 there was an insufficient connection time for your train to Bristol Temple meads. It is policy that we must allow a minimum connection time of five minutes between journeys.

The service left on time, but we usually lock the train doors around 40seconds before departure for passenger safety and to avoid delays. Once the despatch procedure has started, I am afraid we cannot unlock the doors to let passenger's board. This procedure must be followed strictly.

Understandably, quite a bit pissed off about the comment that it was my fault that I managed to miss my correct connection (2110) and the secondary connection (2125). But I'm glad to say that I wasn't the only one to think so.

Of course I wasn't best pleased about all this as I arrived somewhere near the half eleven hour at home, which meant I was utterly zombified the following day. I won't go in to the whole thing as trains are an utterly boring topic and I spend a lot of time slating them off (what do you expect when you leave somebody bored waiting with a smartphone?) but the whole issue was resolved and I trust that my comments about the staff at the station were taken seriously. Of course this didn't mean that another incident didn't crop up very shortly after.

Then of course the weekend passed which I got an early start to with ending work half an hour early to get home an hour early. Unfortunately, the following 4-5 days were pretty dull and I spent the time living like an agrophobic, but thanks to the special offer on from milk&more, I was like an agrophobic with BACON, lots and lots of BACON.

After I managed to leave that agrophobic stage and get my cracker white ass out the door (which was promptly burnt by the minimal amount of sun that was out) I did a bit of a tour of Clifton, The Suspension Bridge and had a bit of a wander around which I had to make a rather quick get away out of a crusing area.

On Friday, I headed in to Gloucester to meet Steve for an afternoon up in Ludlow, I didn't actually take any photos for some reason but it was quite a nice place to visit, I'm not entirely sure how he managed to live there as it seemed quite an isolated place (in fact most of Shropshire did as well). He took me to the random sights of the area, like Harry Tuffin's in Craven Arms, which is quite the sight. It has EVERYTHING.

On the way back between nearly nodding off I felt a bit queezy, turns out that I'm not very good at being a passenger in a car now days, I'm not entirely sure how this transpired considering taking a train in this part of the country is like riding a bull, but as is the mystery of the human body.

Yesterday was my first day in work and it didn't quite start off well. Managed to have to write off my entire afternoon and left more angry and stressed than I was before I left on my holiday time. Clearly missing the entire point of time off.

So after a wild week of general jibber jabber and utter tosswank I finally have some free time as I've decided on taking taking some holiday time.  Granted it won't be as good as the time I had to take a half day holiday and spring across the Berkshire countryside but I think a good week will do!  Although it's costing me in lost overtime but hey-ho I get MOAR PANTZ TYMEZ.

So far it's been a good start, I've done pretty much feck all today, lounging around in my pants (whilst washing the rest of them).  I wandered out for a couple of bits from Tesco Metro but that was the last of my human interaction for the day.

I did actually find something useful out of sitting on my bum all day, there is a special offer from milk&more for new customers of a free £10 discount, so totally used that opportunity to buy free bacon and other bits (including milk I should add).  I'm getting it delivered on Monday so we'll see how it goes.

A slight recap from Monday however, Steve made his way down to Brizzal and we stopped off in a decent place called HK Diner very cheap and BUBBLE TEA GALLORE.  It was quite good fun even though the day was quite the wash out and of course the hoards of screaming uninterested feral children towed in to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery (which coincidently looks a bit like a jumble sale with all the non-matching pieces, but it gives it that charm only Bristol could have) by parents looking to ditch the little shits for a few hours.  
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Having run across Mamy Rock off an interview with RadioFG on YouTube I have to say this is brilliant and I’m loving the tunes.

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Seeing as last night I part took in a Star Trek marathon on Film4 I took the sensible option of monging out to all the films and left my car in the parking spot beyond the controlled parking zone.

So this morning after waking up at 730am and concerningly in bed when I fell asleep on the sofa (and didn't drink last night so it makes it more strange), I decided to walk to my car.

The city centre was strangely dead and it was bloody cold too. As I walked through Victoria Park I found proof to my fear that it was nipple hardeningly cold:

Frozen dew! After I drove my car to my city centre parking spot, I noticed a turf war of epic proportion:

Ravens in Gull territory stealin their food poopin on their people!

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Le sigh

Oct. 9th, 2010 05:59 pm
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Because the double dippong council tax takin people won't issue me with a aprking permit I have to wait 60 more seconds watching out for parking wardens and dodging a fine.

This is my saturday evening!

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Council Tax

Oct. 6th, 2010 11:50 am
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So, I now have a running council tax saga, woo!

I changed bank accounts in September (bills) so the first thing they did was re calculate my monthly rate and knock it up to £90 a month from £76. They said it was because they had to start my payments from November October.

Alright I thought and paid my normal monthly amount by card so it would even out, two days later they took it by direct debit. Not cool, so I called them and the council refunded that 14 days later.

Again, this month they tried to take the direct debit but this time out of the wrong account, so I had to call the bank up and do an indemnity claim. Sorted after having to make the branch do it myself. Again paid the council by debit card.

But yesterday I got a letter saying I owe the council two months of tax and that if not paid in 7 days they'd hit me with £103 in costs and take me to court.

So I called them, I spoke to a lady who didn't answer my questions and said that my new re calculated bill would be the end of the matter.

I find it bizarre that my council tax account statement is clearly paid up yet they seem to think I owe them! I wrote a fairly stern letter today as now I'm just fucked off with the whole thing, you change a single direct debit instruction and the whole system goes tits up!

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