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I know I was not speeding cos I was listenin' to mah gospel music!

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As one of Russia's most famous and evil kyte makers I've been known to throw extravagant rock and roll orgies known to man (TAKE THAT FREEDIE MURCURY!) as well as running the most popular tea room within Columbia.

I'm an eccentric billionaire without the money, power and/or respective hoes. My aspirations include owning a small island in the south pacific and ruling with an iron first many years prior to my death at the hands of an angry mob.

Failing my plans for a south pacific island I may consider Croydon. If you are of the local council in croydon SUBMIT OR DIE!

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*making suicide*, april latrine, chili cheese cake, chilli cheese cake, christians are weird, cracking my hip, exploding goats, friendly drug dealers, gay, hairy chests, hardcore ass pounding, homosexual, i heart madsquirrel, i support kuzanagi, i thought u ♥ me qweerdo, i ♣ baby seals, i'll cut you bitch, lolz, masturbation, monkies from iraq, moose in toronto, not killing jon, nude trees, omgdon'tstealmyinterestsplz, pepto bismol, queer, red dwarf, rocky horror picture show, sparklypoo, television, weeaboo

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