Oct. 17th, 2010


Seeing as last night I part took in a Star Trek marathon on Film4 I took the sensible option of monging out to all the films and left my car in the parking spot beyond the controlled parking zone.

So this morning after waking up at 730am and concerningly in bed when I fell asleep on the sofa (and didn't drink last night so it makes it more strange), I decided to walk to my car.

The city centre was strangely dead and it was bloody cold too. As I walked through Victoria Park I found proof to my fear that it was nipple hardeningly cold:

Frozen dew! After I drove my car to my city centre parking spot, I noticed a turf war of epic proportion:

Ravens in Gull territory stealin their food poopin on their people!

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So you look around on your phone and you find something nice.

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Well on the line of abusing my newly recreated website, I think you’ll all be jealous to find that the local chinese takeaway has given us free wine for our custom.

Food and booze on a sunday. Love it!

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